My Hair Necessities

“The hair is the richest ornament of women.”

-Martin Luther

Hair. Straight, wavy, curly, kinky.. Thin, thick, fine, coarse.. Blonde, brunette.. everyone should embrace whatever type of hair they have and flaunt it.


As you can see, I was blessed with dark, thick, curly hair. But being human, a woman, I was not happy with my hair. As they say, “When you have thick hair, you want thin hair.. (vice versa)” So, when I started going through that “teenage phase” of life, I started off by getting a haircut. When you cut thick, curly hair.. HELLO AFRO! Back then, in Malaysia, it wasn’t trend like how it is now where girls get their hair permed. If only I had the ability to see the future then, I would’ve just left my hair the way it is and rock the poofiness today! But no.

In order to keep my hair short, a bob to be precise, I decided to then get my hair straightened. Started off by buying the DIY hair straightening product to rebonding at the salon then stuck to hair relaxers, also done at a salon every 6 months, until approximately 3 years ago.

“I have to say, anyone who has curly hair that’s young – keep your curly hair. Don’t straighten it because after a while, you don’t get your curls back.”

-Nicole Kidman, Graham Norton Show

So true.

I also had my hair dyed in many different shades of brown! Imagine the state of my poor hair. I came to realize I had split ends, my hair was as dry as hay.. disaster!

Other than that, I invested in various hair treatments, hair masks, shampoos and conditioners. It was a crazy journey indeed.

Eventually, after a good decade, it hit me hard in the head. I made a decision to preserve my dark hair, I wanted it to not be curly but wavy and long.

Problem was that there were and still are so many different techniques or routine that people do when you Google or Youtube for information on how to get healthier hair.

One fine day, I came across a Youtube video by Mimi Ikonn:

She was right and it helped me a lot.

I’ve then, until this very day, have not gone to a salon. I rarely use any kind if heat, i.e. hair straightener, hairdryer, and immensely reduced the use of products with harsh chemicals like hair dyes, hairsprays, etc. I simply stuck to these 5 simple things:

  • Shampoo (TRESemmé)
  • Conditioner (TRESemmé)
  • Coconut Oil
  • Hairbrush
  • A pair of scissors


Just these 5 have helped me A LOT! My hair has been much healthier compared to how it was 3 years or so ago. I wash my hair every 2 to 3 days. I have come to learn that it is not good to wash your hair everyday because it will strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving, not only your hair, but also your scalp drier (causing dandruff) and prone to breakage. The shampoo and conditioner I use are silicone free. I prefer them made from argan oil, coconut milk and/or aloe vera.

In addition, I rub a little amount of coconut oil on the ends of my hair and scalp after drying out my hair. This helps improve the health of my scalp, tame frizz and supports hair growth. Also, adding volume and shine when styling without the common harmful chemicals from hairsprays, etc. Oh! Using coconut oil as a hair ‘mask’ for half an hour before you wash your hair helps as well (if you don’t like having your hair feel a little oily throughout the day)!

I recommend air drying your hair rather than blow drying it out with a hairdryer (unless you’re in a rush). Another tip is to not brush your hair when it’s wet. It can cause breakage to your hair and damage it.

I trim my own hair every 3 months. Being a mother of twins in a country that I’ve only been in for less than 2 years, I barely have any time to go to a salon. I’ve learned how to do it myself through a Youtube video by Nee:

Saves money too!

A healthy diet also plays a huge part of achieving healthy hair. Mainly lots of healthy fats and drinking lots of water.

Even though I’ve just recently started to wear a hijab, I still do stick to my hair routine and also sit on the balcony to catch some sun. This is my hair journey and I hope it will help you and those you know of that need a little advice when it comes to hair.

P.s: Each person have different techniques and products that best suit their hair, like how every person have different skincare regimes and products that they use to suit their skin type.

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