That Golden Yellow Hue That’s Good For You

Turmeric! One of the most revered spices for both cooking and healing. Here are the benefits of having turmeric:

  1. A superstar in the fight against inflammation
  2. Helps aid digestion
  3. A powerful antioxidant which destroys free radicals in the body
  4. For liver health
  5. Helps the body to regulate blood pressure and blood clotting
  6. Responsible for the growth and maintenance of nerve cells, which can improve cognitive function, memory and mood
  7. Can provide a boost to the immune system when taken regularly
  8. It may also boost the ‘happy hormones’, the brain neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine – improve symptoms of depression
  9. Restores normal breathing patterns, thins the blood and relieves asthmatic inflammation
  10. Help naturally treat cancer and is especially effective at treating breast cancer, colon cancer and skin cancer
  11. Arthritis & Diabetes management
  12. Finally, for glowing skin! 💁🏻

How I make my turmeric tea a.k.a “liquid gold”:

  1. Bring a cup of water to a boil
  2. Add half a teaspoon of ground turmeric and leave it to simmer for 10 minutes
  3. Strain the tea through a fine sieve into a cup then add honey and/or lemon to taste
  4. Add a pinch of black pepper (key ingredient to help with absorption)

I also LOVE golden turmeric fried chicken! It’s a Malaysian favourite! Yum.. I love fried chicken in general but this is waaay better, I think 😉

For recipe:

If you know more about Turmeric and the many other ways to use it, please feel free to share in the comment section down below!

2 thoughts on “That Golden Yellow Hue That’s Good For You

  1. I LOVE turmeric. One of my fav things about it is that it really doesn’t taste like anything, so you can add it to anything you eat, or any hot drink you have, and it won’t change the flavor! It’s great because it’s so good for you, so it’s nice that it’s easy to incorporate. The only downside (minor) is that it stains things quite a bit. Thanks for sharing this!
    Check out my latest posts?
    Mena | ✨

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