King Arthur vs. The Mummy

Holla holla!

Can’t  believe how a month has passed.. just like that! Unfortunately, no date night at all this month *boohoo* BUT we still got the opportunity to watch a few new movies!

  1. The Mummy
  2. Gifted
  3. 3½ Minutes, 10 Bullets
  4. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword
  5. Alien Covenant

Since we are in the peak, horrid summer month here in Dubai, I, or we, watched a few ‘old’ movies in between the movies listed above – PS I Love You, J.K. Rowling movies and The Accountant. No series this time as we’ve finished the 3 seasons of “Lie To Me” which I personally think that they should continue the production of the series with Michael B. Jordan in it but oh well.. and nooo, I didn’t sneak in some “FRIENDS” and/or “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” this time haha!

Anyway, from the list above, I rate it as below:

  1. King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (Guy Ritchie movies are just AWESOME in his own unique way) 4.5/5
  2. Gifted (pretty touching) 4/5
  3. 3½ Minutes, 10 Bullets (based on a true story – which I am a fan of! Biographies etc.) 4/5
  4. The Mummy (I am just a sucker for movies with history, fictional or non-fictional) 3/5
  5. Alien Covenant (naaah, not my cup of tea.) 3/5

So, King Arthur vs. The Mummy..

I loved the King Arthur movie! LOVE LOVE LOVE! ..and to add Charlie Hunnam as the main character.. O-M-G! OH! I didn’t even notice that one of the soldiers was David Beckham! Hah! The wonders of makeup.. Anyhoo, the only downfall, I think, is the language. I mean the way they spoke.. the slang.. you get what I mean? I think it’s a little bit more modern as to how they used to speak back in the “o where art thou” days but then again, it is a Guy Ritchie kinda film. That is all. Nothing else to comment about it to be honest.

The Mummy on the other hand, the remake, was it much better than the older Mummy movies with Brendan Fraser? I’d probably say, the same? I like the how the movie invites the audience, brings us back or along with them to the Egyptian past of what had happened as how it has been with the other older Mummy films, but that was it. I think the only reason why people watch it is because it is a Tom Cruise film.

“..Tom Cruise is in it so it should be good!” -my husband

It wasn’t that it was bad, it was just.. like another Mission Impossible film except with monsters. Anyway, that is just how I feel about it and everybody has their own thoughts about basically everything, right?

If you have watched any or all of the movies I have listed above, feel free to let me know what you personally think about it/them in the comment section down below!


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