Downtime – Especially For Mommas

Hello to all the beautiful, strong mommas out there around the globe! Like the title above, these are the few things that can help you destress, recuperate, all-in-all to just be able to pick yourself up when you have a ‘breakdown’.

Note that these are the things I personally do and use that has helped me and I hope it’ll help you too!

Other than booking a flight to get away to an island to relax, which is actually good if you have the opportunity to, here at my 3 things you can do at home:

1. Always try to catch-up on sleep!

I know it’s hard – being a mother of twins with no help and basically doing it all, I do understand – but do try. Now that my babies are almost 2, things seem to get a lot easier. They nap for about 2 hours during the day and sleep through the night from around 7pm up to 7am the next day.

So, I try to get everything done whilst they’re awake during the day, i.e. cleaning, grocery shopping etc, then take a nap whilst they nap too! Unless I don’t feel the need to nap then I’ll blog like what I’m doing right now and/or create or edit my videos for my YouTube channel – Aqida Z.

..and of course, I try to get AT LEAST 7-8 hours of sleep through the night.

2. Calm your mind and soul~

This is what I do either during the day or before I go to sleep at night – when I can.

  • Watch an easy movie or your favourite movie – at the minute, “It’s Complicated”, “Bad Moms” and the J.K Rowling movies help me because they’re funny and also it sort of takes me away from reality (if you get what I mean.. I’m talking about the J.K. Rowling movies for this point haha!)
  • Sit in your comfortable spot (on your couch or in your bed) with a preferred hot drink and read, listen to audiobooks, podcasts or listen to your favourite tunes, and just try to not think about aaanything except the words in your book, imagine it in your mind, “get lost in it” or the music, audiobook or podcast that you’re listening to. If anything does bother your mind, write it down and get back to it later (unless it’s urgent, of course)
  • Take a half an hour or an hour bath. Use your babies’ soap with a sprinkle of sea salt and coconut oil or your preferred bath scented soaps, bath bombs and oils. Light up some candles, turn down the light, put on a face mask and just relax~

3. Last but not least, pray or meditate.

I use the app below to help me in many ways possible. It takes time to get used to the “rhythm” of how it works but trust me, it helps.


It’s free and there are meditations available for all ages! (In-app purchases available, fyi)

IMG_7695.PNGAbove is what I particularly use, in the app, in my day to day life especially in the mornings. When I feel a little down, all I do is take 4 minutes of my time to calm my mind.

There it is! My 3 go-to “downtime” tips to keep me sane haha.. Let me know if you have other downtime tips in the comment section down below! Also, feel free to ask me questions about babies or being a momma if you’d like. I’m not a professional or a supermama but I don’t mind helping out if I can. Until my next blog, take care 🙂

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