Acne.. begone!

HELLO! Welcome back! Today, I’d like to share tips on how I got my skin plumpier with a hint of glow and cleared my acne!

Note: Everybody has different skin types and ways to treat acne etc. So, this is what I personally do and hopefully it can help you too!

Firstly, my skin is dry. There are certain areas that tend to get oily but all-in-all it is desert dry.. and I tend to breakout around my cheeks.

What do you do when your throat gets “dry”? You drink water, right? So, to help with that I have up-ed (if that’s even a word haha!) my water intake and it has made my skin so SO much better. Water clears out all the nasty stuff from your body and keeps your body hydrated, as you all already know 🙂

Another thing is to use a hydration sleeping mask through the night to keep the skin hydrated.

Your diet is key too! I eat EVERYTHING but I always make sure that I add fruits and vegetables in my diet, daily. I also take multi-vits everyday – CENTRUM for  Women – just to make sure my body has all the nutrients it needs.

Clean your pillow sheets AND pillows! Be it your bed pillows or your couch pillows.. you MUST keep them clean. When you lay on it the cream or makeup or whatever else gets onto your pillow and everything else that lands on it builds up bacteria. So wash your pillow cases once a week and pillows (the actual pillow) once every, let’s say, 6 months.

Clean your makeup brushes and sponges too! I barely go out so I tend to wash my makeup brushes and sponges straight after I put on my makeup. If you do wear makeup a lot or on a daily basis, I’d recommend washing them once a week.

Wash your face! I mean with cleanser, toner and moisturizer etc. I personally use Shiseido cleanser (yup, I have changed product as I feel that my skin is ‘maturing’ and needs more than what I already have been using), apple cider vinegar as toner and organic coconut oil as my moisturizer. Oh, and please please PLEASE do not depend on your makeup remover wipes. Especially if you use it to take off your daily makeup, it doesn’t really clean everything off, if you get what I mean? It is also harsh for your skin when you wipe/scrub off all the makeup from your skin. I’m not saying don’t ever use it, don’t get me wrong. It is okay if it was a “one off” thing. If you have to quickly switch your makeup from day look to night look and all, by all means, use it! I’m just saying that it’s best to clean your face properly, especially at night before bedtime, to keep your face clean and to prevent appearance of wrinkles in the long run.

P.s: If you haven’t read my older post on skincare then click here.

Pamper your face. I started giving my face massages and it helped me a lot. My dull, “cold” looking skin started to look a lot more alive! Massaging your face either when you’re washing it or when you’re moisturizing it helps the blood flow in your face. Simple, gentle taps onto your face could already help activate the blood flow process.

Last but not least, other than massages, I use face masks as a way of pampering, not only my skin, but me as a whole. I love the Body Shop facial masks (eye cream and face mists too!). It doesn’t only help clear my acne and many other ways but the scent also helps me relax!

Like everything else, your skin will eventually clear out and glow with time. Keep a routine and hopefully you’ll see results.

If you have any other tips and tricks to fighting acne, let me know in the comment box down below! Until my next blog, have a lovely day!

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