Why I “M.I.A-ed”

Hello everyone! Hope all is well! Sorry I’ve disappeared for awhile.. I was back home in Malaysia Truly Asia for weeeeks! Kuala Lumpur to be precise.

Anyway, we, the twins and myself, enjoyed our time there despite the weather (it was definitely better than being here in the UAE at the time). Rain, sun, rain, sun.. which caused us catching a cold! ..but it was alright because it didn’t last that long.

The purpose of this post is to share with you the things that I got, food that we had, etc.

So, firstly, food. That thing that makes me oh so homesick when I’m away. Why?

“Malaysia is a country with rich culture. The population is made of mainly Malay, Chinese and Indians while the Borneo sub origins made out the most of west Malaysian population. Malaysian food, of course is very much reflective of the diversity of the people staying here. Located at the Southeast Asia, Malaysia is in between Thailand and Singapore while West Malaysia is next to the Sulawesi and Philippines.

It doesn’t take an adventurous traveler or food enthusiast to appreciate Malaysian food. There are just so much to choose from, whether traditional or modern cuisines, deem to satisfy the choosiest tastes buds. The staple food in Malaysia is rice, just like the other Asian countries. Due to its sunny weather all year round, fruits and vegetables are in abundance while meat, poultry and seafood is inexpensive and readily available. Malaysian food, just like its people, is divided into Malay, Chinese and Indian and is still prepared by their own unique ways..”

Yes! So, here are a few pictures that I’ve taken. Majority of them I didn’t because I couldn’t stop myself from instantly digging in once the food was served 🙈

Pictures got me drooling, uh! Next, shopping. The “hype” in Malaysia at the minute are Japanese/Korean skincare and makeup products, FashionValet + dUCk, etc.. those are just a couple that I see and know of 😜

That made me decide to get my hands on a few things and judge for myself!

Top picture: All from FashionValet + dUCk except the Dior Lip Tattoo from Sephora and my new earrings from Pandora.

Bottom picture: Shiseido skincare, Nexcare pimple patch and St. Ives blackhead clearing scrub.

To be completely honest with you, they’re all my current faves! The dUCk scarves are amazing! Being a hijabi, comfort means all and dUCk is definitely “worth the hype”.. if you get what I mean.

The others, i.e. Myles “Medium Rare” sunglasses, Dior lipstick and jewelries were just some of the things I decided to get because they attracted my eyes! ..cheap too!

Skincare. If you have read my older post about my skincare routine, you’ll know that I’ve only been using drugstore products and lately, my skin has been screaming for help. I think it’s time for a change! So, when I was in Malaysia, a good friend of mine recommended me to either use Japanese or Korean products.. and so I did!

She also told me that they practice double cleansing and I kept that in mind. After looking at many different products, I decided to purchase these – the Shiseido Benefiance Extra Creamy Cleanser and their Ibuki Sleep Mask.

Love, love, LOVE! My skin has never felt better. My dull, dry-ish skin is now alive again!

Oh, yes I also double cleanse (well, sort of). I use the St. Ives scrub (which I also adore) to scrub off my dead skin and blackheads then use the Shiseido Cleanser.. voila! Does that count as double cleansing? Haha..

Since I’m a stubborn pimple picker, I was recommended to get the Nexcare pimple patch. Easy. Spot a pimple, patch it up, once you see white gunk on it peel it off and you. are. done! Remember to patch it up again until it fully heals though haha!

Other than those above, I did get a few outfits. I got tops from Uniqlo (also a “hype” in Malaysia) and comfy pants from Zara.

Since it is waaay cheaper in Malaysia, I got my frizzy, poofy mane (at Eight Days Salon) and teeth (at Smile Works Dental) sorted. One extra thing I HAD to buy was..

I have nothing to say except you HAVE to get one for yourself! Thumbs up to this down-to-Earth, beautiful Superwoman – Lilly Singh!

The point of me going to Malaysia, my birth country, was to just to have a little downtime, recuperate and simply relaaax. I needed a break from the looong summer indoors, get some help with the twins since I’ve had zero time for anything else in the UAE (yes, I’ve had multiple breakdowns), and to also catch-up with my wonderful friends and family!

I hope this post did not bore you to death haha.. If you have any questions about Malaysia and/or the products above, please feel free to ask and leave a comment down below! Oh, I’ll leave some links of some of the products that I’ve mentioned as well! Until my next post.. MWAAA x




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