What to do and what not to do..

Hellooo all my beautiful bloggers, blog readers, etc etc. Today I’ve decided to post something that has been on my mind for years! ..and now that I’m a mother, wife, sister, daughter and cousin and all, I personally think these are a couple things that we need to prevent when it comes to family.

Firstly, comparison. Even though you do see and know firsthand about a person in your family’s personality, traits whatever, do not begin to compare them to anyone! Be it the sibling, another person’s child, another husband or wife, so on and so forth. Keep it within the family and those busy bodies can eventually find out for themselves.

By comparing, you will not only cause friction between you both, but it can cause emotional damage. I think I just made it sound a little bit too exaggerated. By damage I mean it can cause that person to get a low self-esteem, constantly judging themselves, negative thinking, and the lot.

OR it can cause (especially if they’re siblings) to start to be competitive and eventually start to fight (although siblings do argue despite what I’m speaking about) but what I’m trying to say is that they will slowly drift apart. How would you feel if you are being compared to another person?

Some people think that it’s a way to boost a person to want to do better but I highly doubt it. Instead of that, let it be, unless it’s a personality that involves drugs, alcohol and everything as bad as that then by all means, help them instead of making them feel worse than they already, probably already know, are. What I personally think is that they’ll learn as they go on in life and grow up.

That’s considered backchatting, backstabbing, right..? NEVER. Most of you know how that will end up when your family member finds out. Tsk.. tsk..

Secondly, religion. No don’t worry I’m not going to go all holy haha.. all I want to say is, teach or advice right from wrong. As long as they, whoever that family member is to you, know what’s right and wrong then the rest will come in good time. As I’ve stated, let it be.. they’ll learn through life experiences as they go on in life.

Do not be forceful, demanding, constantly criticizing or NO NO NO, that’s haram this is haram.. that will just.. ugh! Ever wonder why some people get put off by their religion? The way a person dresses, what they do in life, nothing is or will be good enough. Not any single one of us is perfect in life so mind your own business, focus on YOUR life and YOURSELF and leave us to live ours. We all go through stages in life and do things as we go that we’ll eventually learn so LET IT BE.

I don’t know whether this post makes any sense but this is all I have to say on paper, or shall I say post. Don’t get me wrong, advising is always, always good when you feel that someone is in need of help but remember not to be forceful, demanding and all that negative jazz especially amongst family.

At the end of the day, we make our own personal choices in life which will change through time. BUT when negative thoughts or actions are being installed (especially from a young age), one way or another, sooner or later, it might or can lead to a lifetime of problems. So, this is me just giving a couple reminders from millions and millions of it out there that I’ve experienced myself to share with all of you.

Note that I do still make mistakes in life and not perfect myself.. and I think that if we share personal experiences like this, it can help us all.

”You have your own mind. Use it.” -Dina Torkia

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